Ask Dr. Michael D. Fox About Nutrition, Low Carb and Fertility

Are you having problems with your menstrual cycle? Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS or perhaps you suspect you have it? Are you interested in how low carb diets can help and

The Doctor’s Demand Was Crystal Clear – Lose at Least 35 Pounds!

Before and after Alma had to surgically remove one of her breasts after a breast cancer a couple of years ago. In order to qualify for a breast reconstruction the doctor had a

Are Your Thighs Burning? They Are Now

Don’t have time to hit the yoga studio for a full class? Hop on your mat for a quick thigh-strengthening yoga sequence that’s sure to bring on the burn. Flow through these

Stuffed Peppers with Ground Beef and Cheese

Bell peppers stuffed with spicy ground beef with plenty of cheese. Full recipe → The post Stuffed Peppers with Ground Beef and Cheese appeared first on Diet Doctor.

The Mexicans Dying for a Fizzy Drink

Mexicans drink more soda than any other country. Not surprisingly they also have a higher percentage of obesity than any other larger country, including childhood obesity. Two years ago the government introduced

14 Healthy Slow-Cooker Dinner Recipes to Make Immediately

When it comes to crockpots, comfort food doesn’t always mean calorie-packed. With vegan, Paleo, and low-calorie options, these 14 crockpot dinners are a healthier take on warm, cozy dishes. – Additional reporting

Ski Exercises to Get you Ready for the Slopes

Ski Exercises to Get you Ready for the Slopes Get ready for the rigours of the slopes with two workouts from Matt Roberts and TRX master trainer Matt Gleed 4 Feb 2016

Why Vegetable Oils May Cause Obesity

Here’s an interesting and complicated new post from Dr. Michael Eades. He argues that – apart from bad carbs – one of the main drivers of the obesity epidemic may be vegetable

WSJ: The Food Pyramid Scheme

The new dietary guide for Americans is based on dubious science, perhaps especially when it comes to saturated fat and the remaining low-fat advice — and now Congress wants an impartial review.

How to Say Yes to Early-Morning Workouts

When your alarm goes off, do you curse its very existence and hit the snooze button eight times before finally dragging yourself out of bed? While you may not be one of