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5 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes for the Fitness Nut


If you think about it, smoothies are one of the most ideal forms in which to get the nutrients you need from a good breakfast.

They’re quick and easy to make, and can incorporate everything you need to keep you going throughout the morning. Protein, complex carbs, fruits and veggies are all easily incorporated into a smoothie without a tremendous amount of work.

All you need is to stay consistent about keeping some ingredients on hand (frozen fruit is always a good option). If you have a decent blender at your disposal, you’ll be able to have a great breakfast every morning that doesn’t involve unnecessary fat, like a bagel and cream cheese.

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The best breakfast smoothies are those that have a high concentration of macro nutrients they provide both calories and energy (namely protein and complex carbs).

Not all smoothies are created equal, and a lot of store-bought ones will usually contain high amounts of sugar. With this in mind, you’re generally better off making them yourself.

What you should aim for when crafting your smoothie (or picking out recipes) is to get a large amount of these nutrients in each one. Even if you’re just looking at protein, itís critical to your energy levels that you get enough throughout the day, especially in the morning after a workout.

Here are a few smoothie recipes that can help ensure that you get enough macro-nutrients:

1. Blueberry, Spinach and Yogurt

This is a simple smoothie base that you can tweak according to your preference. The main ingredients are frozen blueberries, vanilla (or plain) organic yogurt and fresh spinach. Add your favorite juice (orange juice works well) to give it a more mixable consistency.

2.Krazy Kiwi Smoothie

For this smoothie, you’ll want to use your preferred protein powder to boost what you’re already adding with low-fat cottage cheese.

Throw in kiwis, water and a handful of ice cubes, and blend for a high protein breakfast drink that bursts of flavor. With the cottage cheese and powder, you’re easily looking at 30-40 grams of protein for your first meal.

3.Superfood Green Smoothie

Whey protein and baby spinach are the cornerstones of this powerhouse smoothie. The ingredients list is fairly lengthy, with the main ingredients being baby spinach, mixed berries, Flaxseed and broccoli.

However, don’t let the long list steer you away from trying it. This mix has everything you need for the morning.

Frankly, you could go with half the ingredients on the list and still have a pretty healthy pick-me-up.

4.Coconut and Green Smoothie

The coconut portion comes from coconut water, which is optional, but also incredibly good for you. Spinach, kale, banana, almonds and avocado are all here in this tasty breakfast smoothie.

Most of your protein comes from the almonds and brazil nuts, so no protein powder needed here, which makes this a great option if you prefer to avoid yogurt and cottage cheese.

5.Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Any smoothie with milk and peanut butter in it is going to pack a lot of protein. Add strawberries and blueberries, along with half a teaspoon of honey for a lightly sweetened taste. If you drink this around 8am, you shouldn’t be terribly hungry before afternoon rolls around.

Easy Way to Get Macro nutrients

Smoothies make great first meals because they make it incredibly easy to get macro nutrients without having to take the time to cook before you leave for work. If you’ve got to get out the door quick, while keeping your energy levels high, these smoothie recipes are some of the best ways to do so.

If you decide to alter the recipes a bit and want to make your own concoction, remember to use ingredients that contain high amounts of protein and complex carbs for the energy you’ll need to keep you performing your best throughout the day.

Virginia Cunningham†is a freelance writer and health enthusiast in the Los Angeles area. As a health writer for NorthWest, she has the opportunity to share her knowledge on everything from personal wellness and nutrition to vitamins and supplements. Have any great smoothies of your own? Share them in the comments!

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