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Squat Hoodie Review

  Who doesn’t love a good SQUAT? Exactly. We are all about squats here at Gym Junkies. Men, women…everyone loves a good squat. Why? Well, for starters, everyone loves a good booty. Especially, recently. Everywhere I look its ass, ass, ass (not complaining) breasts seem to have lost their popularity. Don’t get me wrong, they…

Muscle Enhancers – What Really Works?

If you’re the kind of person who sees pictures of The Rock, Arnold in his prime or other guys with massive muscles and you wonder how they do it, you’re not alone. Some are just genetically gifted to pack on the muscle. Others turn to more unconventional (and often dangerous) steroids. If you’re interested in…

Police Academy Fitness Test

You’ve made the decision and went through the process to become a police officer. You have been selected and have been given a conditional offer of employment. In the offer you are required to pass the background investigation, pass a Physical Ability Test (PAT) and finally complete a police academy. Here is an example of…


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