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5 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes for the Fitness Nut

If you think about it, smoothies are one of the most ideal forms in which to get the nutrients you need from a good breakfast. They’re quick and easy to make, and

10 Tips To Stay Motivated And Lose The Fat Forever

Getting started is easy, staying motivated is hard. Fat loss, building muscle, getting stronger and looking better take time. You need to be patient and keep motivated over an extended period of

3 Simple Workouts To Do At Home

If you can’t find the time to get to the gym you can still get a great workout done in the comfort of your own home. Here are two beginners workouts to

Tennis Ball Massage: The Foot

Got tight feet? Have sore calf muscles and a generally tight posterior chain? Watch the video below and give it a try. In this article I speak about how your feet are

The Ultimate Guide To Static Stretching

This is one of the biggest debates in fitness. Should you static stretch? Will it decrease your performance? Does it cause injury? Some research has been done with varying conclusions. Taking an

Best At Home Bum Exercises

Having a great core means having glutes that function. Not only will they look great, they are super functional. These are my four favorite at home bum exercises. You will ward of

The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Travel: Stay Fit On The Road

This is a guest post from my mate Eric. Eric is a Denver based Strength Coach who owns and operates Bach Performance. He coaches busy professionals, athletes, and determined clients during the

Save Your Shoulder With Tennis Ball Massage: 5 Muscles You Need To Release Now

Shoulder pain can creep up on you. Bad posture, heavy overhead lifting or repetitive movements can wreak havoc on this highly mobile joint. Over time, simple muscle soreness can turn into chronic

4 Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them

The longer days of Summer means more daylight hours to fit in long training runs. Upping mileage brings increased stamina, so you can “bring it” at your races; but it can also

8 Training Tips To Tackle Knee Pain

I have a history of knee issues and about a year and a half ago underwent a small surgery to clean out the joint. After a lot of hard work and testing,

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