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Why Plant-Based Food is the Most Powerful Way of Eating Healthy Proteins

If you are a vegetarian, then chances are that people tell you about the lack of nutritional value in plant sources that animal sources have in abundance. You must have heard about

The Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet- The Foods to Eat and a Sample Diet Plan

Despite the progress in the field of medicine, why are we as a nation getting sicker by the day? Have you wondered about that? Lifestyle diseases are on an all-time high, thanks

7 Dangerous Colon Cancer Symptoms and How to Diagnose – Treatments

Colon cancer is the most common type of gastrointestinal cancer. It is caused by genetic factors, environmental exposure (including diet), and inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract. The Big C! Yes, the name

Everything about Hyperthyroidism Symptoms, Causes, Diet and Exercises

Hyperthyroidism symptoms are sometimes so mild that most people fail to recognize it. Therefore, they do not get diagnosed with hyperthyroidism until it gets worse. Especially when it comes to older people,

How to Treat Cough with Natural Home Remedies – 10 Powerful Methods

Has your cough gotten worse in just a few days and you just can’t seem to stop yourself from coughing at night? Well, we understand, it can be pretty annoying and painful!

Top 10 Probiotic Rich Foods and Recipes with Healing Benefits for your Body

Say hello to our second brain – our gut! Surprised much? You really needn’t be, as our gut has far greater impact on our body than we give it credit for. More

Everything about Bariatric Surgery Sleeve – 5 Week Diet Plan and Recovery Tips

Sometimes weight loss eludes you constantly. No matter how much you try, the pounds just refuse to melt away. Exercise and dietary changes definitely help, but don’t affect the obese and severely

Everything About Honey and How it Helps you in Weight Loss, Skin and Hair Problems

Are you someone who has just started on the path to a healthy life? That probably means avoiding refined flours and refined sugar, right? So what is the next best alternative for

8 Amazing Natural Antibiotics and its Impact on your Health

Are you down with a fever? Or you are suffering from severe cold and cough?  If you are, then the first thing you do is make a beeline to your doctor’s chamber

Everything about Magnesium Deficiency and How to Avoid Chronic Diseases

We get so hot and bothered about chronic diseases that we seldom give importance to nutritional deficiencies. This deficiency, ironically, in the long run, happens to be the cause of most chronic

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