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6 Signs You’re Sabotaging Your Transformation and Body Goals

If you’ve been setting some major body transformation goals for yourself, then yay! We’re right there with you, and we’re going to help you get there – we’ve got tips and advice

Feel Like a Beauty While Going Into Beast Mode in New Balance’s Latest Disney Shoes

If you’re more than excited for Beauty and the Beast to come to theaters, and running like a Disney princess is your thing, then you’re going to need the latest and greatest

Strength vs. Cardio – Here’s How You Should Structure Your Workout

Ask most trainers and they’ll tell you that a healthy workout routine consists of strength training, cardio, and rest days, ideally spread throughout the week. But for those of us who love

Paleo Eating and BBG Workouts Helped This Mom Lose 65 Pounds

The BBG community has showed us some seriously inspiring weight-loss journeys and healthy transformations, and we never cease to be impressed and motivated by the commitment and optimism these women showcase. We

These Are the Heart Disease Myths You Need to Know About

Though most women are well-acquainted with the pink ribbons that call attention to breast cancer, far fewer know that February is American Heart Month, when the American Heart Association’s Go Red For

Shay Mitchell’s Secret to Looking Fit? This Insane Gym Routine

We’ve known that Shay Mitchell is into fitness for a while – she’s done a half marathon, loves hiking . . . but we didn’t realize she goes into full beast mode

Use This Pro Tip to Run Without Feeling Like Your Lungs Are Imploding

A couple weeks ago, we headed to the track at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco for some running drills with Adidas athlete and pro marathoner Neely Spence Gracey, who taught us an

The Biggest Mistakes Trainers See in the Gym

We’ve all chuckled at the videos online. Inevitably, there’s people who go to the gym who do some seriously wacky things that you can’t help but laugh at. Jokes aside, imagine being

Get Dakota Johnson’s Fifty Shades Workout, Straight From Her Trainer

Want to know the secrets behind Dakota Johnson’s fitness routine? Ramona Braganza, on-set trainer for Fifty Shades Darker, celebrity trainer (currently working with Michael Weatherly, star of CBS’s “BULL”) and brains behind

From Weight Loss to Better Digestion, There’s Not Much Golden Milk Can’t Do

The latest buzzworthy trend in healthy drinks has to be golden milk. Despite its surge in popularity, Haldi Doodh (translation: turmeric milk) has been used as a medicinal drink in India for

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