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9 Winter Superfoods to Boost Your Health and Ward Off Colds

Boost your immune system, mood, and weight-loss efforts with powerful, tasty superfoods from the Winter season. Whether it’s a zesty grapefruit half in the morning or some roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts

I Gained Weight Because of These 3 Lunch Mistakes

Straight out of college and having lived off a diet of cereal, pasta, and bagels, I was having major stomach issues, so I thought gluten was the culprit. When I gave it

A Total-Body Workout With Just 6 Moves

Build muscle and strength with this fun, quick workout. It’s only four rounds, but we add reps and exercises with each round to keep you on your toes. Directions: After five to

Tighten Your Core and Tone Your Back With Arm Circle Planks

Take your core-strengthening planks to the next level while toning your arms and back – you’re going to feel the burn with this move! Meet the arm circle plank. Barry’s Bootcamp trainer

This Challenging Stair Workout Is Guaranteed to Work Your Entire Body

If you have a set of stairs and a pair of dumbbells, you can get in a solid heart-pumping, butt-kicking, arm-toning workout – and in just 13 minutes! You can spare that

5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started Running

When I first got into running, I experienced everything from painful blisters to chafing to unsupported bosoms – no wonder I hated it. I wish someone had sat me down and told

Can’t Decide Between Hummus or Guacamole? Make Avocado Hummus

You’ve wanted to try making avocado hummus for a while now, but most recipes call for finding tahini at the store, draining and rinsing chickpeas, and peeling fresh garlic – a bit

No Matter What Your Mood, We Have a Treadmill Workout For You

While there’s nothing quite like running outdoors, unruly weather sometimes makes it impossible. For those rainy or blustery days, there’s the trusty treadmill. Whether you’re a beginner runner or have a few

6 Things That Happen To Your Boobs as You Age

Our friends at YourTango chronicle in what ways our boobs age and how to cope as we grow older. As if you didn’t already have enough to worry about. I have a

If You Want to Lose Weight and Still Drink, Read This

Before working in health and fitness, I spent a good part of my adult years working around food and alcohol. I was a server all through college. I would later spend a

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